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4NaaP with Brett

  • 91.9mi
  • 6,434ft
  • 4:42:32
    Moving Time
  • 4,497


  1. Carl R.
    Carl Ring

    you know you could have ridden the reverse route with me today :-)

  2. David P.
    David Penney

    Excellent! What are you doing this Wed?

  3. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    Hopefully recovered enough for some interval work on Wednesday. Work schedule is always iffy.

  4. Carl R.
    Carl Ring

    Wednesday Rhino Ride, I think we're doing Groton Dump. Nice hilly ride with a 12% grade kicker at the end of the big climb, you'd love it.

  5. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    It would be great to do evening rides once in a while, but my work has my stressing away until 8pm most nights. I'm lucky to get out for lunch rides these days...

  6. David P.
    David Penney

    What has/have our society/you become? :-(

  7. Carl R.
    Carl Ring


  8. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    You bust your ass to have a good retirement and then you die right away. Happens to stressed out engineers all the time. Going to start taking longer trips now. Two weeks in Colorado late this summer.