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Strade Bianche

  • 182.4km
  • 307m
  • 5:17:22
    Moving Time


  1. Eliomar Arms7 Rong 7.

    306 altimetria??

  2. Alfredo Marucci

    Maybe your altimeter didnt work.... 🙄

  3. Arthur Bel

    Mooie omstandigheden zag ik!

  4. Benoit B.

    Poor bike 😢

  5. Julian G.

    New sandblast finish! 😟

  6. Enrico Martegani


  7. Pepijn Bink

    fietsie bianchi

  8. Amaury 𖤐


  9. Edwin Dingjan

    Bijna een kwartier achter...wats kebeurd Steven?

  10. Alessandro D.

    Amazing race!! Great!

  11. Edwin O'Sullivan

    It's a sin to let a Bianchi get that dirty - I had nightmares last night thinking about it! Well done yesterday, must have been tough...

  12. Graham Robson Snr

    Well done Steven hard race tough conditions

  13. Eddie Benjamin ..

    Steven Kruijswijk Great ride Steven. Post some more pics of that YOUR stunning BIANCHI BIKE🧐

  14. Ross F.

    You need disc brakes in those conditions!

  15. Eefje V.

    En, was het een gave wedstrijd?