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Way Too Cool 50k

  • 29.6mi
  • 3,606ft
  • 3:25:21
    Moving Time
  • 6:56/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,120


  1. Cole Watson

    Good job Ghelfi!

  2. Brianna Wright (Unicyclist)

    Impressive!! That is so fast!!

  3. Kanoa King

    Booooom, Fast first mile 😝

  4. Jeff Mogavero

    Hell yeah man! Killer. Can't wait to see ya at Sonoma!

  5. Blake Zufall

    Let’s go!!

  6. Lauren K.

    BONKERS. You r best coach 4 all time.

  7. chris mcgovern

    Good job man. Nice meeting you too

  8. Scott M.

    Nice work, Ryan!

  9. Anne Lang


  10. Kris Brown

    That's Fine!

  11. Alicia Vargo

    Nice rip Ghelfi!

  12. Jason Koster

    Damn!!!! Nice race man. What a great feeling !

  13. Brian How

    Nice Marathon PR!

  14. Gus Gibbs | Fatty Loves Mezcal

    Great seeing you again, Ryan Ghelfi. So glad I never saw you on course! The feeling of being hunted while struggling is brutal. Congrats on getting out of your racing slump. What’s up next, amigo?

  15. Ryan Ghelfi

    Gus, Ya I was really wanting to catch you I'll tell you that, but I was not really ever close. Next for me is going to be Lake Sonoma, then after that things are more TBD, See if I can keep a good streak rolling. What about you? Anymore ultras in your future?