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Adam Kimble

Tahoe City, California
  • 291
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,455.3
    miles Run in 2018
  • 1601

Way Too Cool 50k (10th OA)!

Run March 3, 2018
  • 29.7mi
  • 3,520ft
  • 3:36:40
    Moving Time
  • 7:18/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,210
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  1. Andy Littler
    Andy Littler

    Dang that's a nice run! Great job!

  2. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks, Andy Littler!

  3. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Adam you are such an inspiration to all of us. Way to go !!

  4. Alex Terry
    Alex Terry

    Killing it! 🏃

  5. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Ramon Rosales Jr.! Blessings!!

  6. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Alex Terry- Thanks, my man!

  7. Mikey Helms
    Mikey Helms

    You are on fire 🔥 buddy!

  8. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks so much, Mikey Helms! You have a marathon soon, right?!

  9. Franz van der Groen
    Franz van der Groen

    Shredded! Way to go!

  10. Dion B.
    Dion B.

    Stunning pace. Super well done

  11. Tracy Wheeler
    Tracy Wheeler

    Wow your times ... so fast! Congrats!!😮🎉

  12. Stepan Satyavan Santiago Belov
    Stepan Satyavan Santiago Belov

    Adam, it's cool! And I think it was very interesting journey!

  13. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks, Franz van der Groen! Get after it at MUC next weekend!

  14. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Many thanks, Dion Blundell! Cheers!

  15. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks so much, Tracy Wheeler!!

  16. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Indeed, Stepan Satyavan Santiago Belov! Thanks!

  17. J  Σ Ғ Ғ R Σ Ψ
    J Σ Ғ Ғ R Σ Ψ

    A N I M A L 💪

  18. Mark L Bowman
    Mark L Bowman

    Great job, Adam!

  19. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Likewise, J Σ Ғ Ғ R Σ Ψ! Can’t wait to cross paths again soon, brother!

  20. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks so much, Mark L Bowman!!

  21. Satoshi H.
    Satoshi H.

    Congratulations! Great run Adam!!

  22. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thank you, Satoshi H! Cheers!

  23. Christophe Sarrazin
    Christophe Sarrazin

    .BRAVO 👏👏!!Super Impressive Adam.What a race.Being so close of the Ultra Champs with this pace and after these last days body issues..Hats off.👍👍Enjoy your rest

  24. Bijendra S.
    Bijendra S.

    Hearty congratulations champ Adam Kimble for super strong finish n achievement.. In spite of the stomach ache you decided to run with your impeccable grit n resolve.. You are an outstanding runner #Respect #Inspiring 🙏🙏

  25. Adam E.
    Adam E.

    Wow! Nice job!

  26. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thank you so much, Christophe Sarrazin! I appreciate the kind words and support! Cheers!

  27. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thank you for your amazing support, bijendra semwal🇮🇳! It means so much to me!

  28. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks, Adam E.!

  29. Mikey Helms
    Mikey Helms

    Great pace on a killer course! Ya man. Got my 1st DNF. Not bummed, because I learned from It and am a smarter runner!

  30. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Right on, Mikey Helms! Good for you, brother!

  31. Charlie R.
    Charlie R.

    Congrats, Adam! Strong pace, considering all those climbs! Love that little guy you're holding... looks like a cookie. Is it your race medal? Great to see Karen in the pic.

  32. Charlie R.
    Charlie R.

    Looks like you were workin', in one of those pics! Also looks like a beautiful day for running. Were the trails dry?

  33. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Thanks so much, Charlie Romanello! The field of runners was really strong so this was a very successful day, especially considering 50k is not my strongest ultra distance! The photo shows the famous “Frog cupcakes” that the race staff serve to the runners! And as for the trails...they were ANYTHING but dry! Check out my Facebook page for a video of me finishing!

  34. Charlie R.
    Charlie R.

    Just checked out your Facebook page. Yeah, it does look a bit soggy. But it looks like you really enjoyed running through that last puddle! 😁

  35. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Sure did, Charlie Romanello! I ran through knee-deep streams and thick mud all race, and I wasn’t about to shy away from that last one! 😉

  36. Charlie R.
    Charlie R.

    It's that little kid in you - lovin' gettin' down & dirty!

  37. Adam Kimble
    Adam Kimble

    Amen, Charlie Romanello!


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