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The Noog

  • 63.4km
  • 470m
  • 1:52:23
    Moving Time


  1. David T.
    David Tichenor

    Glad to have you in town Taylor!!!!

  2. Rj Z.
    rj zeph

    How long are you in Tennessee for?

  3. Mark E.
    Mark E.

    Excited to see you in action this weekend!

  4. Bruno F.
    bruno fartlek

    Is that tabata-style training?

  5. Stanton L.
    Stanton L.

    Would love to see your winning ride TOC Stage 5 win posted on Strava!

  6. Ken M.
    Ken McGuinness

    TOC #5 was the most incredible solo I've ever witnessed. I pray for Dad. Your dedication to your Mom on Mother's Day was awesome. And you are a great ambassador for the sport. Congratulations on a great TOC and best wishes for the rest on the year.

  7. Scott Newberry W.
    Scott Newberry W.

    Good luck at Nationals!!

  8. Nomad /.
    Nomad /.

    Heroic solo win. The stuff of legends. Well done sir.

  9. Bruno F.
    bruno fartlek

    ToC 2014, stage 5 by Taylor Phinney: see http://www.srm.de/news/road-cycling/tour-of-california-stage-5/

  10. Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Taylor give me a ring when you want to ride in Olympia WA.

  11. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Glad to see you in Nooga!! Ill see ya Monday!

  12. Mark B.
    Mark B.

    Badass ride in Cali. I was really happy to see you win.

  13. Tony B.
    Tony Blansit

    See you on the podium Saturday afternoon!

  14. Tommy O.
    Tommy O

    Awesome day in Santa Barbara!

  15. John M.
    John M.

    We really enjoyed seeing the Tour of CA when you came through town, bravo on your ride!

  16. Orbea D.
    Orbea Dude

    Amazing stage win in Santa Barbara! Great descent!

  17. Thierry@ P.
    Thierry@ P.

    hy Taylor félicitations if you like videos and photos Come with us to put and share your links See you http://app.strava.com/clubs/75688

  18. John M.
    John M.

    Awesome ride! Was also great to see you and the team at the TOC!

  19. K.C.  T.
    K.C. T.

    CONGRATS ON NATS!! Will you post that file?

  20. Douglas A.
    Douglas A.

    So sorry. Hoping for a complete and speedy recovery.

  21. Paul A.
    Paul A.

    Get well soon dude :)

  22. Mark J.
    Mark Jansen

    Shit!!! Hope you recover fast

  23. Kevin V.
    Kevin Vorndran

    Just heard the bad news. Heal quickly and come back a beast!!

  24. Tony B.
    Tony Blansit

    Standing on the side of Lookout Mtn and tour tracker said Peter Stetina had went down. Then a correction, no, it was Taylor Phinney! My heart sank....

  25. Ken M.
    Ken McGuinness

    Heard about at the end of the race. Ouch! Damn moto. Get well very soon.

  26. Tim S.
    Tim S.

    holly crap! that is total shittee Taylor :-( aurgh ...

  27. Roger H.
    Roger Hauglid

    Get well soon

  28. Joe Y.
    Joe Y.

    Sorry to hear of your injury. Rest and recover.

  29. Paul B.
    Paul B.

    Get well soon taylor

  30. Adam G.
    Adam Goldberg

    Get well soon, look forward to seeing you back on two wheels.

  31. Eric S.
    Eric S.

    Get well soon mate, horrible crash!

  32. George B.
    George Bergen

    Get well soon Taylor!

  33. Chris H.
    Chris H.

    Gutted to hear about your accident Taylor, get well soon and come back stronger!!!

  34. Michael N.
    Michael N.

    speedy recovery and get well soon!!

  35. Jeff T.
    Jeff T.

    Recover well Champ!

  36. Kevin L.
    Kevin Leger

    Get Well Soon!

  37. Steve B.
    Steve Bell

    The latest news is such a bummer. Get back fast to kicking ass!

  38. Eric E.
    Eric E.

    It was incredible watching Saturday's performance live and up close (literally inches) Wishing you a most sincere and speedy recovery!

  39. "The Jester"   Tkm    D.
    "The Jester" Tkm D.

    Quick recovery! 

  40. Scott J.
    Scott Jangro

    Best wishes Taylor, on your recovery!

  41. Thierry@ P.
    Thierry@ P.

    Salut taylor si tu aimes partager des photos ou des vidéos de tes sorties rejoints nous cela sera un grand plaisirs pour nous de te voir .Bonne continuation pour cette 2014 .See you

  42. Chris F.
    Chris F.

    Heal fast! Great ride at the TT, stupid moto at the RR

  43. Marc N.
    Marc Nepomuceno

    Get well soon!

  44. Marco M.
    Marco M.

    Get well soon! Bests from the BMC Sales Team!!!

  45. Stephen  .
    Stephen Terrell

    Hoping for a complete and speedy recovery!

  46. Mike B.
    Mike Breyer

    Awful to hear about your accident Taylor - you're an inspiration to so many, heal up soon

  47. Kristen H.
    Kristen Hanson

    Hang in there and get well soon!

  48. Thierry@ P.
    Thierry@ P.

    hello Taylor Come with us to put and share your photo or links videos
    it would be a real pleasure

  49. Paolo P.
    Paolo Pappalardo

    Guarda il mio giro di 214,9 km - Guarda il mio giro di 214,9 km su Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/151690848

  50. Jim B.
    Jim Barry

    Get better soon!!