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Morning Run

  • 6.1mi
  • 1:42:35
    Moving Time
  • 16:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,178


  1. Anne Craig

    Looks gorgeous out there. Expecting another Nor'easter tonight. Bleh

  2. LoLi Arosemena

    That looks pretty

  3. Barry Storan

    Where are you Scotty

  4. Scott Kummer

    In Tuscon...but headed out again. I did a quick Phoenix (baseball) - Bisbee - Tuscon trip. Coming back soon though. I love this place!!

  5. Barry Storan

    No flagstaff??? to chase down Walmsley for the podcast

  6. Brian Kallhof

    Awesome looking pic! Looks like a good route!!

  7. Alex Bleiweiss

    I randomly did a race on or around this trail (Colossal Vail 50). 10/10 would go back, its amazing there

  8. Dan Savage

    Way fun!

  9. Megan S.

    That's my town! You definitely picked the best time to take a run here.