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Still Baw deep up killie

  • 16.8mi
  • 768ft
  • 1:53:41
    Moving Time


  1. Thomas M.

    It's mental mate. You think it's all gone and then all of sudden your off the bike again pushing. It's like mini glaciers or something! Maspie was mostly clear tonight but still snow on the paths upto the Lomonds from craigmead. Another couple of days I reckon. 🤞

  2. Bryan Johnstone

    Yeh was actually struggling to push through it keep sinking into the icy snow , hopefully spring is here now 🤔

  3. Mark H.

    I got caught out on Springfield track to Priory .... bike a hike job!!! Up to my knees to plough through it!!! I did think about Killi last night for one whole second 😊