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Let’s never speak of this run again... aborted strength. Try again tmrw. NYC Half on Sunday. Boston W14D2.

  • 9.0mi
  • 1:18:00
    Moving Time
  • 8:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Ashley Powell

    Abit like my run yesterday!

  2. Andy Liao

    SpeedPacer 1 Good luck at the NYC Half this Sunday!

  3. peter boumgarden

    Strength, ugh! What did you add to the routine?

  4. Eric Stuber

    Have a great time at NYC half!!

  5. SpeedPacer 1

    Ashley Powell it’s reassuring to know we all have bad days. Thank you. Andy Liao and Eric Stuber I appreciate the well wishes. This is one of my favorite half marathons (I don’t really race half’s much) so I’m hoping for a PR. peter boumgarden Today was supposed to be a Hansons strength day (2x3 Miles at 6:55 or better) and I just couldn’t hold it. I think between travel and the time change and not getting much sleep... it all caught up to me. BUT, that’s what tomorrow’s are for. I’ll end up doing the strength workout or a tempo, then taper for Sunday. BAH

  6. Jer Lethbridge

    Just stay healthy for Boston that’s your goal race! Everything else is part of the process to get u to the starting line ready to race!
    I would start conservative on Sunday for first 5k Run MP for next 15k then open up for the last push depending on how u feel! Make sure u practice taking gels etc.... ur body was telling u something yesterday so u have to listen... it’s part of the Marathon process .... props for the half!! Got get’um

  7. SpeedPacer 1

    Jer Lethbridge absolutely Boston is the goal. Likely try this run again tmrw and use Sunday as a slightly fast and slightly long tempo. Funny enough my fastest half’s are in marathons. The X factor is the hills in the park at the end of the race. I’d like to “for real” PR this thing but not go overboard on effort. My tempo run in CP a few weeks ago was solid so I’m just hoping to repeat that. Tomorrow will be telling. Thanks so much for the words of advice and support!

  8. Gregory Carman

    Lol, I’ve had many of those “this never happened” runs. I remember hearing a seasoned pro runner telling me those were the ones you benefit from most. Good luck on your half, you’re gonna crush it.

  9. John Pusateri

    Good luck Sunday and Yes there is more power in learning from our bad days then we know at the time!

  10. SpeedPacer 1

    Gregory Carman and John Pusateri agreed. And today was better even if stupid tough. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s time to get it this weekend!

  11. Jer Lethbridge

    Hey you, my golden rule is once u missed a work out or fail to complete one you just move forward to the next scheduled work out or easy run.....important to stay on track. Good luck this weekend.... send us your bib number

  12. SpeedPacer 1

    Jer Lethbridge agreed. I don’t dwell on it. And I may miss my tempo this week but I’ll grind out a hard run Sunday. It won’t change my Boston outcome. Too many other things to worry about, and running can’t be one of them. This is my happy place. 😊

  13. Jer Lethbridge

    Yay mine too... yet after tonight’s aborted 800 work out it wasn’t tonight

  14. SpeedPacer 1

    Jer Lethbridge hey. I can commiserate. It’s still fresh in my mind, so I feel your pain. Remember there’s always tomorrow! Hang in there.