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Avondcriterium Omloop der Kempen

  • 37.4km
  • 122m
  • 56:16
    Moving Time
  • 819
  • 93
    Suffer Score


  1. Niels G.

    And Maksym, did you like it? Unfortunately I had no time to come and watch the race.

  2. Maksym Sladkov

    I liked it a lot! Unfortunately was dropped at the last lap, but hey, it was the first time. I've burned too many matches first two laps before I got it by trial and error, where to stay in the bunch, when we hit the windy bits ... the problem is, that everybody got the same plan, so fighting for a place in the bunch is something to learn. And I should also work on my sprints - they are appalling. 

  3. Farid A

    So I assume lighter climbers have no chance in crits :)

  4. Maksym Sladkov

    assuming that the lighter is not the only climbing quality of yours, you should be able to do just fine ;)