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Mark Paton-Ash

Atlanta, GA
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    Activities in 2019
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Ring of Fire Solo Century

Ride May 24, 2014
  • 105.7mi
  • 5,705ft
  • 5:43:19
    Moving Time
  • 4,045
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  1. Erik Newsholme
    Erik Newsholme

    Keep working at it.  It takes a while to be comfortable doing the whole 100 solo.  

  2. Charlie Holder
    Charlie Holder

    Nice dude. Did you plan your route or just do it?

  3. Mark Paton-Ash
    Mark Paton-Ash

    Erik, thanks dude. I've seen you do a few and I do like the challenge but I do think it's gonna take doing a few more to get my body used to that distance.

  4. Mark Paton-Ash
    Mark Paton-Ash

    What's up Charlie, I've always wanted to loop around the city and so I just got on Strava's route builder and put together a route that looked decent.

  5. Charlie Holder
    Charlie Holder

    I think Ring of Fire will catch on. Did you come up with that or is it already a thing?

  6. Mark Paton-Ash
    Mark Paton-Ash

    Haha I just came up with it

  7. Shane Mathews
    Shane Mathews

    Awesome job

  8. ken kirby
    ken kirby

    That is bad ass

  9. ken kirby
    ken kirby

    Love the name!

  10. Jeremy Spafard
    Jeremy Spafard

    That looks like a fun ride!


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