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Mark Paton-Ash

Atlanta, GA
  • 0
  • 0
    miles Ridden
  • 83

Ring of Fire Solo Century

Ride May 24, 2014
  • 105.7mi
  • 5,705ft
  • 5:43:19
    Moving Time
  • 4,045
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  1. Erik Newsholme

    Keep working at it.  It takes a while to be comfortable doing the whole 100 solo.  

  2. Charlie Holder

    Nice dude. Did you plan your route or just do it?

  3. Mark Paton-Ash

    Erik, thanks dude. I've seen you do a few and I do like the challenge but I do think it's gonna take doing a few more to get my body used to that distance.

  4. Mark Paton-Ash

    What's up Charlie, I've always wanted to loop around the city and so I just got on Strava's route builder and put together a route that looked decent.

  5. Charlie Holder

    I think Ring of Fire will catch on. Did you come up with that or is it already a thing?

  6. Mark Paton-Ash

    Haha I just came up with it

  7. Shane Mathews

    Awesome job

  8. ken kirby

    That is bad ass

  9. ken kirby

    Love the name!

  10. Jeremy Spafard

    That looks like a fun ride!

  11. Sack Lunch

    Sweeeeeet dude!

  12. Mark Paton-Ash

    It was a fun ride and for a route builder route, it's pretty gtg. I made a couple wrong turns due to a slow Garmin and there's maybe a change here and there to make but it was surprisingly good especially solo.