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Everesting Kinglake - with Craig, Josh, Zac, Scotty and Johnny PRO

  • 379.1km
  • 8,980m
  • 17:14:12
    Moving Time
  • 9,075


  1. Craig G.
    Craig G.

    Inspirational to witness mate - from this day forward Kinglake is now know as the 'Kingleon Climb'

  2. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    Haha. I'll just call up google maps 'road name change dept'.

    Couldn't have done it without your help. That's inspiring.

  3. John M.
    John M.


  4. Josh M.
    Josh McLellan

    Couple of freebie vert meters on the upload!!!

  5. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    As long as it's over not under!

  6. Dylan C.
    Dylan Cross


  7. Andy V.
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Bloody sensational ride. About time someone nailed that sucka.. it has proven elusive.

  8. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    Thanks Andy. She took more out of me than I expected.

  9. Peter D.
    Peter D.

    Wow, that's a serious effort. Chapeau

  10. Brendan E.
    Brendan E.


  11. Peter E.
    Peter E.

    You're mad! How's the knee?

  12. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    Thanks fellas. Based on your feedback I have booked into the psych ward for evaluation.

  13. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    Knee is ok Pete - see how they are when I get back in the saddle for Boule Thursday. Miss ya, When will i see ya?

  14. Peter E.
    Peter E.

    I'm getting back into it. You won't be seeing me with you on a climb anytime soon though; my ego wouldn't take it!

  15. Leon S.
    Leon S.

    Ok no climbs, I'll meet on the flat, on the descent, in a cafe - I just wanna catch up mate:P

  16. Paul E.
    Paul E.

    Hi Leon, the guys and girls at Hells 500 would very much like your ride on the updated Hall of Fame list and map. Please go to http://veloviewer.com/everesting and register your ride for inclusion on the list, you've earned it, congratulations & much respect.