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(Barefoot RSD 1164) Home again, home again, jiggity-jig (aaaannnnddddd I'm tired now)

  • 2.0mi
  • 21:12
    Moving Time
  • 10:30/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 240


  1. Appalachian Runner

    Glad you and Phillip are home safe and sound! I'm assuming you heard about the serial box bomber. If not, check your local news and be careful. Get some much deserved rest. 🤗

  2. Mehmet Ali OK

    Wow you are also running barefoot at trails! Congrats 👏

  3. Kristian Barefoot Sørlie

    great picture!

  4. Rich Rybacki

    Nice race pics! Mine always turn out like caca.

  5. Stephanie H.

    What a gorgeous official photo!

  6. Juanma R.

    Love that picture with a nice couple enjoying together!

  7. Kim Frick

    Awesome race pics!

  8. Elke Engelen 2090438516998

    That's a great picture of you Teresa! Nice 😊

  9. Lucy Gagstetter

    Such a great trip and awesome running pic!

  10. Ben Flores

    That's awesome

  11. Ricardo Diogo

    Nice ;) great pic! Keep it up

  12. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you for your concern, Appalachian Runner! My text messaging went crazy from my family members sending me links to the Austin bombing story. The incidents seem related (a link between victims has been found) and the targeted homes are isolated in one part of the city (away from commerce, etc). Still, just about everyone we know in Austin is being vigilant and observant about strange or unusual packages and people. I do need a vacation from my vacation! I’m having trouble functioning today!

  13. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Mehmet Ali OK! I think being barefoot is partly the reason we were so slow on the steep declines. I had too little traction on the loose rocks and some of those down hills were so steep I feared I would fall. Phillip was able to move more quickly down them. He is shoes provided some traction and he felt more secure. Running barefoot on trails has its disadvantages☹️

  14. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Ricardo Diogo, Ben Flores!😊

  15. Barefoot Teresa

    Kristian Barefoot Sørlie, Rich Rybacki, Stephanie Harvey, Juanma Rudy, Kim Frick, Lucy Gagstetter, Elke Engelen 2090438516998: Thank you! Actually, 99% of my race photos turn out horribly (one always hopes the problem is with the photos, and that the photos are not reflecting a true likeness!). In fact, not one of the many race photos of my son and me taken when he paced me in the Austin half last month turned out decently. I’m pleasantly surprised the photos from this race are decent😊