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Got dropped and then lost, but a nice ride all the same

  • 30.1mi
  • 2,103ft
  • 2:03:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,063


  1. James P.

    I did a portion of the AV D ride. Looks like you were on it. At end of Magdalena, the group took Sunhills to Mora. Climbed the rest of Mora. Went through the RSA gate and climbed to the very top by the water tank. The group waited for you there but it looks like you descended Loyola which would put you in front of the ride. The ride went through RSA for a while on bike lane with lots of strollers, walkers, kids etc and didn't get back on foothill to arboretum. Glad you still had a good ride.

  2. jamie morton

    Yeah, by the time I figured out where I was and what I'd done wrong, I figured I was either so far ahead or so far behind that I wouldn't find the group. So I carried on for a bit, and managed to find my way back anyway!