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Team AWOL and the 2014 Oregon Outback

  • 368.1mi
  • 15,308ft
  • 28:03:32
    Moving Time
  • 12,301


  1. Kevin Sparrow

    Awesome man!

  2. Jim Cameron

    Boom! If you guys were camping, what did you do for keeping keeping Garmins/IPhones etc alive? Wee solar panel?

  3. John Watson

    @Jim - I use Incase's battery packs. They're lighter than others. I only had to charge my 510 once and my iPhone was on Airplane mode - never had to charge it.

  4. Peter Koch


  5. Robert Hagman

    4,666 Meters of elevation, so Metal.

  6. Jason B.

    Such an insane ride! Insprinh me to plan an overnight ride, did you have tents or hammocks

  7. Robert Hagman

    Jason, check his reportage on the radavist. Good read and amazing photo's!

  8. Jason B.

    Thanks mate i actually found him on strava through that site... Which i found from his Instagram haha all the way from Australia, has the third instalment dropped yet?

  9. Robert Hagman

    Theradavist.com/rides/. It's the third post.