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San Dimas Stage One - Glendora Mountain Road TT - took the W in Cat 3!

Ride March 23, 2018
  • 9.2mi
  • 1,260ft
  • 31:47
    Moving Time
  • 446
  • 54
    Relative Effort
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  1. chris tregillis

    Yup. Very nice.

  2. Jason F.

    Go team!

  3. Trevor Lean C.

    Solid ride

  4. Jonathan Rosaasen "Night Rider"

    You are no cat 3, get the points and upgrade

  5. -Sparrow- MODe Sports Nutrition

    Nice win! Keep beasting it!

  6. Jason Pedersen

    chris tregillis -Sparrow- l MODe Sports Nutrition thanks guys!

  7. Jason Pedersen

    Phil Kelly - All Pro Bicycles Ludovic Hilde - Canyon Velo/All Pro Bicycles thanks guys, looks like you had a strong one, too. Good luck in the RR today!

  8. Jason Pedersen

    Jonathan Rosaasen "Night Rider" ha, all I will say is I’m happy to be out of the 5s and 4s! 😊

  9. Jonathan Rosaasen "Night Rider"

    Win this stage race and you will get out quick, then it gets more fun, your numbers are better than an average cat 2 for sure

  10. Jonathan Rosaasen "Night Rider"

    Would have been 2nd place in cat 2 and 16 in cat 1 pro