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Sierra Nevada 🇪🇸 Proper day out. Almost 6hrs without knee pain (Mini Victory☺️)

  • 168.0km
  • 3,736m
  • 5:46:48
    Moving Time
  • 5,323
  • 148
    Relative Effort


  1. Jan Gravekamp

    Good to hear!

  2. Ewoud ..

    Mooi! Ga zo door 👍🚲

  3. Chris To Chris

    and what a beautiful area ! good luck for the upcoming season :))!

  4. Brian Warner

    Great area love the pics makes me want to go back and ride there.

  5. Air Dvans :.


  6. Tommy Sheehy

    Well done

  7. Klaus W. A.

    Hey Robert, did you change anything on the bike prior to the knee issues and was it on both sides? Just asking because I've been having some trouble as well a bit on one side...

  8. Jérôme E.

    Great ! Happy to see you in good health ! See you soon in France and in Provence specially !

  9. Willem Ursem

    Wat een plaatjes!

  10. William Lowe

    Any 6 hours on a bike without knee pain is a good day!

  11. Julian G.

    Great news Robert! 👍