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Ornoth Liscomb

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 109
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,853.5
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 77

180402 Post-Hiatus Tag Grab

Ride April 2, 2018
  • 6.1mi
  • 374ft
  • 28:17
    Moving Time
  • 220
  • 27
    Relative Effort
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  1. Noah L.
    Noah L.

    I was wondering why you hadn't been riding. Where did you travel to?

  2. Ornoth Liscomb
    Ornoth Liscomb

    Ah that's right, you dropped the F*c*book? Hit Malaysia, Singapore, & Thailand. SO is in K-L for 6 mo work assignment. Blogposts forthcoming at some point. More travel coming, but hopefully that'll include some bike time.

  3. Noah L.
    Noah L.

    Ornoth Liscomb I did indeed. That's awesome; I can't wait to check out the blog. I feel like I would eat very well in Southeast Asia. I'll actually be in PA this weekend for a gravel ride but it's the other side of the state from Pittsburgh...

  4. Ornoth Liscomb
    Ornoth Liscomb

    Yeah I saw ur signup; 'cept it's a solid 6h drive from here, and I've got a class on Sat. Looks cold but dry, at least. So far Mar-Apr has been lousy weather.


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