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Sierra Nevada! 4hrs. Stéééép up Hazellanas and last 40min on the Tacx! Quality day

  • 82.2km
  • 2,711m
  • 3:28:11
    Moving Time
  • 3,263
  • 81
    Relative Effort


  1. Dave T.

    Top ride and great photos as usual Robert 👌

  2. Ivo L.

    Amazing HR! You are now staying overnight at the top? Or down with the car? Too slippery with all the melting snow?

  3. Daniel Jiménez Sánchez

    Q alegría da ver a la élite del pelotón mundial entrenando por nuestra tierra. Un saludo campeón. Por cierto, q bonita está nuestra Sierra Nevada.

  4. Robert Gesink

    Daniel Jiménez Sánchez Gracias hombre! Un placer! Muy muy bonito en abril! Nunca visto nieve como este año!

  5. Robert Gesink

    Ivo Liebregts Yes. At the Sport centre. yeah, bit fresh and foggy this morning so we decided to drive down! Tomorrow down and up by bike again!

  6. Robert Gesink

    Dave Thompson AWP thanks!

  7. Fred N.

    Ola Gesink quando vienes a portugal?

  8. Doclink B.


  9. Julian G.

    Another super-long steady climb - can’t get over the contrast in weather conditions in both photos but I guess that’s typical in Sierra Nevada this time of year 👌. Great power on the HC Climb. 💪👍

  10. Big Tits N Wiener

    Hey I'm staying up there as well. Let's hang out!

  11. Pascal Pépin

    Awesome pics!