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03/09/2011 Diablo North Gate via BART to Pleasant Hill

  • 61.0km
  • 1,282m
  • 2:50:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,344


  1. Bret L.

    Nice Ride up Diablo. I'll have to come join you some time for it. More importantly, nice effort on Sierra-Missouri.

  2. Daniel Connelly

    You miss nothing, Bret! Warmed up and no backpack helps on that segment, for sure. I thought I had a shot at your KOM, but still fell well short. I'm being too lame on the corner from Texas to Sierra, but on my first attempt there was a car, so I had to abort. I think it's important to carry momentum into the hill. And maybe not climb Diablo beforehand.

    Time up Diablo was 58:21. The "NG to summit" segment has a good start, but finishes in middle, rather than beginning, of parking lot. "Northgate to summit" starts late (after a short descent) and finishes before the final steep pitch, so isn't the full distance. Good start position is park sign near the big tree after the entrance gate. Finish is at entrance to lot, just past the summit sign.