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Zion - Fording "The Narrows" - Hike

  • 11.4mi
  • 13,051ft
  • 2:08:19
    Moving Time
  • 11:13/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,113


  1. Nomad /.

    Such an amazing place. Love the pics you've been posting. Have you ever tried the Sony NEX cameras? I use one for all my commercial work now. So much smaller than 5D and looks just as good (almost)

  2. Ryan Wilson

    I had a NEX 5R that I really liked, but it was a tiny bit bigger than what I wanted to bring on rides, so I sold it and got the rx100. However, I did just pick up an A7 as an all-around camera!

  3. Ryan Wilson

    Also, lol @ 13K feet of elevation gain.  Probably only a few hundred feet. That's what happens using the iphone app through narrow cliff walls, I guess.

  4. Nomad /.

    A7 is pretty sweet.
    Enjoy your adventures. I dream of what you're doing, but have to pack it all into a few hours on a Sunday (kids)