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8C - DIY Audax 200km GOGO...

Ride April 7, 2018
  • 200.5km
  • 675m
  • 8:34:04
    Moving Time
  • 6,174
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  1. Amy G.

    Awesome GOing Jack! Amazing stuff πŸ‘πŸΌ

  2. Nigel Lee

    Very impressive, well done Jack.

  3. Denny Wauran


  4. Herman S.


  5. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks everyone! Not sure if i wan to do it again... πŸ˜‚

  6. Paul Hunt

    Wow Great Going Jack and a good average speed

  7. Koh Sun Yew

    Well done Jack

  8. Koh Sun Yew

    There is an Audax 200 on 21/4. If you keen can come join us, on your roadie of course.

  9. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks Paul and Koh! Thanks for the invite. Let me see if i can work it out. Need to register?

  10. Clay Whiting

    Way to go Jack! #rideforgarai

  11. Tan Bee Juat

    Wah! 2 rounds RI?

  12. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks Clay! #rideforgarai

  13. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Sis, actually 2 half rounds... a smaller half followed by a bigger half... oh and also many rounds at Bishan park

  14. Jacky ADAM

    Awesome !!!! Well done Jack !!!

  15. Robert Travers β“‹

    Wow! Where did that come from and is it available in the states?!

  16. Jim Cremer

    Awesome ride, Jack!!

  17. Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner)

    Hey, which front bag do you have? I like the looks of that.

  18. Insane Diego

    Way to GO!

  19. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks everyone! Robert Travers β“‹ only in Singapore Robert! πŸ˜‚

  20. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner) Steve, you can refer to the links below: https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/ridecase---panocomputer-mount/209-barxtender


  21. Monika Alston - ElliptiGO

    Awesome Going Jack!

  22. Steve Cottren

    Amazing Jack

  23. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks Monika & Steve!

  24. Robert Fouldes

    Wow - now that’s a good ride !

  25. Gerard Williams

    Fantastic performance Jack-I’m in awe of your average speed!

  26. Enchantement ENCHANTEMENT

    Nice performance ! Congratulations. Can you explain us what is this stick at the bottom of the bike, supporting your rear lights ? I am interested for thΓ© security when riding in the night. Where can-I find One ? Thank you, and excuse my poor english please.

  27. Steve Cottren

    Jack, not only a long distance, but a remarkable pace. You are an absolute machine..... Well done.

  28. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Enchantement ENCHANTEMENT hi! You can refer to the earlier link that I sent to Steve in this thread. Its a topeak bar extender, that can be position as such.

  29. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks everyone!

  30. Enchantement ENCHANTEMENT

    Thank you very much Jack for the link you sent me. I must now find a shop who can send it to France.
    Thank you very much and good trainings !

  31. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Massively impressive.

  32. Andy B.

    Absolutely impressed, I’m aiming for a 200k myself, well done jack πŸ‘πŸ»

  33. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Thanks Idai and Andy! All the best to the run up to your longest ride challenge... πŸ’ͺ