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Only 1 hill repeat_just felt tired so went on an easy ride.

  • 44.6km
  • 448m
  • 1:47:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,004
  • 42
    Relative Effort


  1. David Smith

    You are HUMAN! 😂

  2. Siri Hildonen

    and this human listens to her body. :-) Not expected to feel that tired this week as I have taken it rather easy a week. but I felt the same skiing yesterday, just tired. So then we slow down :-)

  3. David Smith

    I seem to be doing that a lot lately...Slowing Down! 😂

  4. Siri Hildonen

    Hahaha...then do not listen to your body, or what your mind is trying to convince you to. Go hard :-)

  5. David Smith

    Lol. That could possibly be true Siri, but I’m pretty sure that your definition & my definition of Go hard...have two different meanings! 😂