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Sierra Nevada 🇪🇸 The changing climate lap! ☀️to❄️

  • 163.9km
  • 4,005m
  • 6:05:42
    Moving Time
  • 6,039
  • 124
    Relative Effort


  1. Mathias K.

    Robert, you always ride exactly where I would like to ride too.... Good inspirations

  2. Patrick D.

    Wow 😁

  3. El Murciano D.


  4. Tommy Sheehy

    Beautiful countryside

  5. Eirik Kinserdal

    Cormac www.sierranevada.cc

  6. John D.

    You guys are living the dream!

  7. Joan Targas Vilà

    Not climate, but weather!!!😝😄 Good job! 👌👆

  8. Alexander Kafi

    Gangster 🤘🏿⚡️🖤

  9. Tom Gill

    Alexander Kafi the absolute dream

  10. Tom Gill

    Alexander Kafi I don’t have a team van or a team 😔

  11. Matt Bubner

    Awesome to see where you guys ride...absolute awesomeness.

  12. German M.

    Awesome pics Robert! Thx for sharing

  13. Safehands G.

    Class Robert Gesink. It's insane to still be hitting the snow/frost at this time of the year. HR average is exceptionally low. Great to see what you fellas can do. 🐂