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    Activities in 2019
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    miles Ridden in 2019
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RTL 42. Rasputitsa Preview Ride.

Ride April 12, 2018
  • 40.6mi
  • 4,600ft
  • 3:10:09
    Moving Time
  • 2,284
  • 78
    Relative Effort
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  1. John Spinney | QT2 Brands
    John Spinney | QT2 Brands

    We rode it in exactly the same time. Lol. How was it today? Seemed like the weather was great this am.

  2. Adam St. Germain
    Adam St. Germain

    Really?? That's pretty funny. Weather was great, wind was a little cold early on, but not terrible. Some soft spots on the road, but nothing that really sunk in. Looked like someone else was out there this morning ahead of me, saw a couple tire tracks. Pinkham Rd was soft and wet at the end.

  3. John Spinney | QT2 Brands
    John Spinney | QT2 Brands

    I wouldn't be surprised if you saw our tracks we finished up yesterday around 5:30 or so. And those roads are pretty quiet.

  4. Kevin Bouchard-Hall
    Kevin Bouchard-Hall

    John Spinney | QT2 Brands Adam St. Germain thoughts on how much climbing, gearing, tires?

  5. Adam St. Germain
    Adam St. Germain

    KBH, I was riding 38mm triggers. They seems perfect for the mix of surfaces and firmness. No need for anything bigger. 33mm would probably suffice but cut in a little more on the softer roads.
    Climbing is broken up well I think, though the first 25 minutes are where you lose the race.
    Climb AFTER Cyberia is a kick in the head. Otherwise, they’re all fairly short efforts. I was riding my Epic with a 34T chainring and Eagle cassette. Spun out on 2-3 sections, but never for long.

  6. Kevin Bouchard-Hall
    Kevin Bouchard-Hall

    I have 31s on and a 44t 11-32 gear range right now. So like exactly what you just said.

  7. Kevin Bouchard-Hall
    Kevin Bouchard-Hall

    I am hoping to get a crack at the course but we are on super serious baby watch!

  8. Adam St. Germain
    Adam St. Germain

    That gearing will be robust, but you can push it since the climbs aren’t ever that long.

  9. Adam St. Germain
    Adam St. Germain

    There’s a longer road section where you can FLY with that 44t

  10. Kevin Bouchard-Hall
    Kevin Bouchard-Hall

    I might put an 11-40 on. How much isn’t rideable? Is there a tire setup that would let you be able to ride instead?


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