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Donovan Jenkins

Napa, CA
  • 165

Mt Whitney Climb

Hike April 14, 2018
  • 14.2mi
  • 4,836ft
  • 8:23:45
    Moving Time
  • 2,365
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  1. Matthew Ardine
    Matthew Ardine

    I am doing mountaineer's this year. how is the snow and ice right now?

  2. Donovan Jenkins
    Donovan Jenkins

    Sweet! When are you going up? Climbing conditions are good but I think they'll be better in May. The snow was hard/icy in some places with a powdery surface that made finding solid footing a little tricky. Conditions were better when i climbed in April a couple years ago and I think it was because it was warmer that year. This was definitely a busy weekend on the mountain.

  3. Matthew Ardine
    Matthew Ardine

    i plan on going some weekday whenever i have 2 days free. after the snow and ice go away. i'll go up the day before and try to get a permit that wasn't picked up.

  4. Donovan Jenkins
    Donovan Jenkins

    Awesome! I want to try that same thing in the summer sometime.

  5. Matthew Ardine
    Matthew Ardine

    I’ll probably do a loop going up mountaineer and down the normal way. I’ll let you know when I’ll be going.


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