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Iron Mountain - Exploring the Pain Cave

Run April 15, 2018
  • 13.7mi
  • 7,041ft
  • 3:33:32
    Moving Time
  • 15:30/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,095
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  1. Alex Sabio

    That is fast! My friend Jona, Nate and Brent were up there. You probably ran into them

  2. Eric Triplett

    I did meet them Alex Sabio Jona took my summit photo. We talked a bit and she seems to be a beast of a climber.

  3. Alex Sabio

    I did Iron Mtn with her when so met you out there. The second time I did Iron I told her about you and finishing in like 4 hours, she didn’t believe me. Lol.

  4. Luke Skywalker

    Looks awesome--I'll have to check this out! so you recommend long pants/sleeves to avoid yucca?

  5. Eric Triplett

    Alex Sabio I don’t know where Strava is getting 3:33 time from?? My watch read 4hrs flat at the trail sign... weird. 4:24 seems right

  6. Eric Triplett

    Luke Skywalker yes I wear sun sleeves sometimes but was warm today and I made a wrong choice. It really mostly ankle biting scrub but I couldn’t slow down fast enough to avoid a few of the Yucca. Also recommend trekking poles just to keep yourself upright on the descent.

  7. G R.

    Ouch! What happened?

  8. Jeff D.

    Very nice, dude! Yeah man, Yucca is no joke - but I'd personally choose it over Poison Oak. Ha!!

  9. Eric Triplett

    G RunzMtnz love bites from Yucca. They like to play rough 😂 Looks worse because of my arm swing a little wet wipe back a the car fixed me right up

  10. Eric Triplett

    Jeff Dinkin there was some Poodle Dog to enjoy as well... just can’t get away from the itching and scratching plants in the San Gabriels

  11. Jeff D.

    Yikes! That is also nasty stuff!

  12. Alex Sabio

    Don’t know how you do it. Took me 12 hours total...

  13. Luis Garcia

    No pain no gain exemplified!

  14. Luis Garcia

    No pain no gain exemplified!

  15. Bullet P.

    Wow, solid run Eric Triplett !!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  16. Raina Rausch

    Speedy climbing! A little bit to show for it too 😊💪

  17. Ellen K.

    Wow...nice pace. Big Iron looks like no joke!

  18. Eric Triplett

    Thanks Bullet Proof! Raina Rausch it wouldn’t be an adventure without a little blood, right? Ellen Kenney definitely no joke, I guess I’d call it equal opportunity suffering no matter how fast or slow one goes.

  19. Max Nunez

    This looks awesome. Some serious vert. I’ll take your advice and use poles if I try it!

  20. Hannah Briggs

    Awesome climb!