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L'Eroica California

  • 46.8mi
  • 3,294ft
  • 4:14:16
    Moving Time
  • 1,728
  • 124
    Relative Effort


  1. Eli B.


  2. Eli B.

    Wait how do you make a gps recording of L’Eroica? With a sextant?

  3. Icke B.

    Propably with a Locograph :-) https://www.focus.de/fotos/ein-sammler-zeigt-in-wien-einen-locograph-das-geraet-von-1898-gilt-als-erster-rad-navi-und-zeigt-in-diesem-fall-den-jeweils-zur-umgebung-passenden-kartenausschnitt-der-500-km-langen-strecke-wien-triest-das-geraet-wird-in-der-ausstellung-bicycle-ueber-das-globale-glueck-fahrrad-zu-fahren-auf-schloss-hollenburg-bei-krems-gezeigt_id_7350696.html

  4. nicholas vander els

    A lot of loops on the route. Was that by design, or did you improvise?

  5. Chris Johnson

    I like the bicycle ride you did. That is all.

  6. Jamie R.

    Ottimo lavoro, dude.

  7. Pat B.

    Did you have to ride up any hills? How did that go?

  8. Jeanne Z.

    Ya Eben Weiss - I don’t know about you; but there was waaaay more gravel than I bargained for on that ride! It was a fun experience with pretty views tho! I’m glad you got a lil taste of the west coast!