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Run April 16, 2018
  • 26.5mi
  • 3:07:33
    Moving Time
  • 7:11/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,227
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  1. Sean O'Connor


  2. Ryan Anderson

    Nice work!

  3. Jack Hsueh


  4. Fred Campagna

    Nice, Jimmy Mac - especially after getting dinged up late in the cycle and dealing with those conditions!

  5. Nico R.

    That's a hella strong performance. Awesome.

  6. Patrick Madigan

    Nice work, conditions were ridiculous out there today!

  7. Christopher Scarpitti

    Nice wrok Jimmy Mac!

  8. Keith Guinta

    They should give you TWO finisher medals for that one!!! One of the worst race conditions in the history of the race. Dude is tough as nails - and FAST!

  9. Chinyere Obasi

    Congratulations! Way to go with the conditions out there today!!

  10. Josh Johnson

    Nice work phanner!

  11. Steve Chamberland

    I'll never complain about another run in bad weather around you that's for sure. Killed it coach!

  12. Neil Clauson

    Awesome work! Can't believe you did a marathon in those conditions! Congrats!

  13. Sabrina Lewis

    Great job, congrats!

  14. Amber R.

    Yeah buddy! 🙌🙌 You killed it!

  15. Andrew Vargo

    Solid work man. Inspired tremendously by you and the entire PT crew..

  16. Joseph Jensen

    The toughness!!! Congrats!!

  17. Simon Edgett

    HOLY CRAP! That's an awesome performance! I'm surprised you could see where you were going in the monsoon.

  18. Mia Tompkins

    This is awesome! Nice work coach

  19. Nathan Robertson-Ball

    Congrats mate!

  20. Andy Orefice

    You BQ’d at Boston!

  21. Jimmy Mac

    Thanks, y’all! Literally just positive self-talked myself the whole day, knew that sub-3 wasn’t gonna happen about 5k in, so I just focused on 3:10-ish to re-qualify. Have to wait another year now to see if I can figure this race out. Greatest fans in the world- couldn’t have done it without all that Boston Love. ❤️

  22. julian espinosa

    Nicely doe, Today was tough, I don't think I've had it worse in a race. I qualified but not much of a buffer so I doubt I'll make the cutoff

  23. julian espinosa

    Done not doe

  24. Brian D

    Well done! Amazing especially given the conditions today, embracing the suck!

  25. Mike Coupland

    So many proud feelings!

  26. Thomas G


  27. Michael Pearlman

    Incredible effort, incredible results. Very inspiring.

  28. Virgil Bretz

    Great job today!

  29. Fin Daway


  30. Robb Lukens

    Way to stick to the plan, it paid off. So proud of you, congrats!!!

  31. Lauren Kehlenbach

    AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!! Awful weather yesterday!! you killed it !

  32. Roy Gilb

    Way to tough it out Jimmy! Mighty hard conditions out there. We’ll have to link up at an ultra soon

  33. John M.

    Dude. I gotta get me some of that special underwear.

  34. Jimmy Mac

    Thanks again everyone! Y’all are the wind beneath my wings... actually- no wind anymore, I’m sick of the wind.

  35. Demo Stathis