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2018 Sea Otter Classic: W Pro 1/2 Crit

  • 17.4mi
  • 1,027ft
  • 50:03
    Moving Time
  • 778
  • 88
    Relative Effort


  1. Whosoever :.

    Good work! I hope you enjoyed it. I've never been to Sea Otter but hope to one day.

  2. Cameron Stewart

    How’d it go

  3. Hanna Muegge

    It was a great race with some fierce competition. Placed 2nd Cameron Stewart .

  4. Jim G.

    Well done :)

  5. Christopher Halleus

    Yah Hanna...great job!

  6. Christopher Halleus

    Good luck in the Circuit and Road race

  7. Nicole Pressprich

    Good job lady!! Wish I was there right now.

  8. Hanna Muegge

    Thanks Christopher Halleus !

  9. Hanna Muegge

    Nicole Pressprich come back next year. We missed you...the more ladies the merrier 😁😘

  10. Joey Giva / FSB Cycling Team

    Awesome job Hanna! Congratulations! Colleen is doing her very first race on Friday at 12:14. She is doing the Cat 5 Circuit race. She is super nervous but I know she will do great. Best wishes in your other races. We hope to see you out there.

  11. Hanna Muegge

    Joey Giva / FSB Cycling Team & Colleen Giva / FSB Cycling Team I am so excited to hear you are in town and Colleen, have a great time racing. Nerves will disappear as soon as the race begins :)

  12. Joey Giva / FSB Cycling Team

    Oh yes. That's what I told her too! : )

  13. Sara Stearns

    Terrific, Hannah!!! Proud of you, woman!

  14. Grey Crow


  15. Luis SeraFin

    Hanna, you've got home field advantage! I hope it works in your favor! Good luck!