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06/10/2014 Fruitland, MD

  • 50.7mi
  • 495ft
  • 2:18:28
    Moving Time
  • 2,436


  1. Mike Eatough

    This is a shot in the dark, I often visit my daughter in OC (actually Bishopville) & I don't enjoy riding the flats by myself, I do find it fun however in a brisk group. Do you know any group rides I could hook up with. Inoticed your rides are at a 22mph. I did that pace in the Seagull so I "think" I can hang in though I may not do a lot of pulls. My e-mail is mikeeatough  thanks@gmail.com

  2. Pedal Faster

    This was our Tues Nite Training ride. We averaged 27 for the first half hour of this ride. I rolled around easy for 10 miles before our ride started, hence the 22mph avg. Check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ocean-Velo-ClubCulver-Pierson-Housing-Solutions/217356672666?fref=nf Tonight Thurs. June 12 is "casual" ride

  3. Roscoe L.

    Mike, this group out of Bethany may be a good fit also:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coastal-Spokes-Club/539096976177938.  they are riding from bethany to assateague on saturday and heading right by you.  you could probably meet them on the road.

  4. Pedal Faster

    email sent

  5. Mike Eatough

    thanks Paul & Rosco for your quick replys, your groups are probably a level beyond my speed but I'm an competitive old geezzer so at some point maybe I could try to hang onto you , I would not want anyone to be waiting up for me, if I'm dropped I'm dropped, no problem.
    I'll be down next in about a month so I'll check in with you ifhtat's OK
    thanks again, Mike E

  6. Roscoe L.

    hope to see you on the road sometime, Mike.  Also, there is a group of "seasoned" riders that meet at a doughnut shop outside of South Ocean Pines (near Walgreens).  M/W/F at 8am.