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Toogoolawah BVRT Esk BNT

  • 76.7km
  • 958m
  • 4:54:00
    Moving Time
  • 2,982


  1. Peter Whittle

    How did you do an extra 2kms and 200ms?

  2. Peter Whittle

    Thanks for organising a great ride today Neil, and nice to catch up. Oh The Death of Stalin is crackers.

  3. Neil Ennis

    Is "The Death of Stalin is crackers" a political statement? :)
    I think the extra distance is due to GPS sampling rate. 200m elev seems a big difference doesn't it?

  4. Peter Whittle

    Ah so my crappy gps watch samples less frequently than your 800? That would be right.

  5. Peter Whittle

    Weird film. A farce that you laugh at, but maybe very authentic.

  6. Neil Ennis

    Darb has his set to sample every second, so I'd say his figures are more accurate than mine. Also the elvation difference can vary depending on whether or not the device has a barometric altimeter or just uses GPS for height.