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Michael McKay

Boston, MA
  • 207
    Activities in 2018
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    miles Ridden in 2018
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Head of the Charles

Ride April 22, 2018
  • 67.1mi
  • 2,809ft
  • 4:44:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,558
  • 160
    Relative Effort
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  1. Aimee Andersen
    Aimee Andersen

    Sounds like a sweet adventure!

  2. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    It was - blissfully a beautiful day here. Had my son working as stoker on the tandem. When you live near a river like the Charles, you take it for granted and don't think about where it came from, and how it changes over its course. Topography was mostly so flat that until you get close to Boston the river was never useful for industry, so it is overwhelmingly rural countryside. Saw the nesting swans, flushed a great blue heron at one point. Love "adventure rides"!

  3. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    http://bikemass351.com/ROM%20Apr18.html has the ride details

  4. Marc B.
    Marc B.

    Nice Mike!

  5. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Appreciate that Marc. This is one I have had in my back pocket for a long time. Today ended up being the day!

  6. Marc B.
    Marc B.

    Enjoyed the ever-informative blog entry. Thanks for sharing, and for the pics.

  7. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Thanks for that Marc, and hopefully we can co-create another blog entry soon! Today was a history lesson- reminder how geography defines how the land gets used

  8. Aimee Andersen
    Aimee Andersen

    That is awesome! It’s amazing how much we can learn from the land

  9. Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    Short sleeves and miles, fantastic day Michael 👊

  10. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Amen to that Matthew Williams. Fingers crossed, but felt today like spring was finally here!

  11. Falcão M.
    Falcão M.

    Pedal de ouro Michael McKay ... parabéns

  12. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Obrigado Falcao!

  13. Ben Gale
    Ben Gale

    Great ride Mike!! Looks like an awesome route as well.

  14. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Appreciate that Ben -- I was overall pleased with the route -- you never know when you go exploring what you will find, outside of a mile long stretch through Bellingham where the "road" was a total mess, I would enjoy doing all of it again.

  15. Philip Kirby
    Philip Kirby

    Fantastic Ride Mike!!

  16. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Thanks for that Philip Kirby! One of those days you will remember for a long time!

  17. Mervyn Hiebert
    Mervyn Hiebert

    Nice ride Mike 👍

  18. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Thanks for that Mervyn, not your epic Mallorca excursion, but we take advantage of what we have :)

  19. Mervyn Hiebert
    Mervyn Hiebert

    Yeah, for sure. Riding with family is just as special though.

  20. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Feel lucky to have a son who is willing to spend an afternoon with Dad on the tandem. Was a brilliant day in our neck of the woods.

  21. Falcão M.
    Falcão M.

    Huuuuuuuuuuuuurrraaaaaaaa Michael McKay .... Granfondo of gold, man

  22. Michael McKay
    Michael McKay

    Falcao -- your enthusiasm is so motivating!! -- obrigado!


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