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Team training for Color Line Tour - 210km race

  • 113.4km
  • 1,094m
  • 3:50:24
    Moving Time
  • 2,829


  1. Diana S. Swami's Cycling

    Wow! Looks like the team had a great day on the bike! Great distance and climbing! You all look sharp! And it looks like the weather was perfect! When is the race?
    Great job to everyone today! 👍👍😊😊👍👍

  2. Tor Erling Gyberg

    Thank you my friend Diana🤗👍. The weather was fantastic, sunshine and calm wind and the team had a smooth ride. Race date; June 02.2018, morning start. Finished with lunch with Burger and fries at the restaurant The General👍👌

  3. Rune S.

    Ai ai ai!! Burger og pils i ravnedalen etter trening er voksenpoeng!

  4. Margaret Erwin

    Fantastic cycling .

  5. Tor Erling Gyberg

    Trodde jo du hadde invitert meg på date i Ravnedalen og burger i dag, men du dukket ikke opp Rune😉😁

  6. Tor Erling Gyberg

    Thank you Margaret, a very nice day on the bike🤗👌

  7. Rune S.

    Familiekabalen satte en stopper for daten vår🙈

  8. Tor Erling Gyberg

    Lykke til i morgen med BB, Rune💪👍

  9. Tor Erling Gyberg

    Daten har vi tilgode😉