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Tom Brazier

Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • 17
    Activities in 2019
  • 193.1
    kilometers Run in 2019
  • 817

Glow worm - won by 15sec, PB by 38min

Run June 15, 2014
  • 40.0km
  • 1,586m
  • 3:27:00
    Moving Time
  • 5:19/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,129
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  1. Aaron Knight
    Aaron Knight

    Great run Tom ! Impressive Km Pace with that much vertical !

  2. Jeremy W.
    Jeremy W.

    What a run!

  3. Pierre-François Loos
    Pierre-François Loos

    Well done mate!

  4. Damien Stewart
    Damien Stewart

    Great work Tom!

  5. Liam Stewart
    Liam Stewart

    Thats f*^$ing awesome. I did the half and you smashed my time after doing that ridiculous hill first. I'll keep an eye out for you passing me around the Canberra hills! Well done.   

  6. Tom Brazier
    Tom Brazier

    Thanks guys. The first half of the course is muddy/rocky/steep/awesome, the second half is less technical so everybody pushed the pace a bit harder.

    Damo, met one of your xfit Sydney pals!

    T2, I ran up so many hills, just pretended you were judging me and yelling "NO WALKING!"

  7. Kristen P
    Kristen P

    Nice one Tom!! Great work.

  8. Wes Gibson
    Wes Gibson

    Who did you hold off?

  9. Pierre-François Loos
    Pierre-François Loos

    Aahhh! Awesome mate! Did you see RobW out there?

  10. Tom Brazier
    Tom Brazier

    Mark Green, battle for the last 8km. We were both wrecked at the finish.

    Haha yep Rob and I led the first half together on the technical downhills, letting loose while the others were a bit more cautious.


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