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Chino Grinder...is there such a thing as enjoyable suffering?

Ride May 5, 2018
  • 114.3mi
  • 8,694ft
  • 6:08:03
    Moving Time
  • 5,233
  • 561
    Relative Effort
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  1. Bill B.

    Damn Neil. Thats some serious Depth! Nice one...

  2. Jack N.


  3. J.J. Adams

    Good numbers, good setting

  4. Kirk F.

    Yes, but you know that!

  5. Perry Roobay

    I'd say it's okay to use the table salt tonight.

  6. David Gustafson

    Only if you are in front.

  7. Mr. K ~ MUOR / DDRP

    Si - es Cinco de Mayo...

  8. Gazmend Qose 🚵.

    . Someone pass the salt !

  9. Craig S.

    Nice ride my friend!!! The title is a question I ask myself at each of these events. Let me now if you figure out the answer...haha