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South Boulder Peak via Homestead --> Shadow Canyon [⬆ 47:59 watch time]

  • 7.8mi
  • 3,019ft
  • 1:26:57
    Moving Time
  • 11:04/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Deanna Ardrey

    King of the Forrest! 🦁

  2. Bill Wright

    Right on, John! Back in the day, I offered a steak dinner to anyone that could break 50 minutes. Dave Mackey and Kraig Koski did it and I paid off! But that was back when I didn't know so many fast people...

  3. Simon T.

    Very nice indeed.....Bear Peak CR is begging you to have a crack.....

  4. Simon T.

    To my knowledge only 3 "people" have gone sub-1 hour from Cragmoor. Dave M, Galen B. & Sage C.

  5. Simon T.

    Here's the bait: https://www.strava.com/activities/1013487617/segments/24868338338

  6. Trevor Alcott

    Nice John!

  7. john tribbia

    Bill Wright I think I should buy you a steak for organizing the best trail race in the world; Simon Testa I’ll give it a go sometime this summer I hope! Deanna Ardrey 🤪

  8. john tribbia

    Galen Burrell Trevor Alcott thanks!

  9. Kurt Roeser

    Beast!!! Great running John.💪

  10. Stefan Griebel

    Killer! After your previous outing to familiarize with the mountain, I almost commented that the (old) FKT wasn't going to last much longer. And, shaving 3+ minutes off, just, Wow!! Maybe @Bill Wright and I can pool our $$$ for a sub-50 steak dinner. :-)

  11. john tribbia

    Kurt Roeser let’s run together sometime this summer! Stefan Griebel aside from the huge swarms of gnat like insects on the summit, conditions were perfect. Ha! I’ll make reservations at The Cork (cc Bill Wright ). Seriously though, I’d appreciate more than steak a time where my schedule allows me to run with you all. I hope your ankle heals quickly