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UWCT Granfondo Eddy Merckx

  • 150.3km
  • 2,494m
  • 5:02:45
    Moving Time
  • 3,663
  • 311
    Relative Effort


  1. Fedor Romanov

    Не попал в первые 25th :-(

  2. Gerard Q.

    Enjoyed? Guess Roberto was gone pretty fast :)

  3. Maksym Sladkov

    he dropped me already on a second climb ;)

  4. Maksym Sladkov

    я даже в первые 100 не попал ;) Там народ нереально быстро ездит. Я даже не знаю смогу ли когда-то до такого уровня дорасти

  5. Ion Lee K.

    Nice ride colleague! ;-)
    I was also there. Did you wear ASML outfit?

  6. Maksym Sladkov

    hi, no I was not... not that i'm not a proud ASMLer, but the Rapha chamois is way more comfortable ;) Check out Roberto Duca - he is also our colleague.

  7. Ion Lee K.

    Wow Roberto has an amazing avg spd! That requires more talent and training.