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My first Audax ride

  • 250.2km
  • 3,532m
  • 11:46:07
    Moving Time
  • 5,082


  1. Tash B

    Well done Shane! 👏🏼 How was it? 🙂

  2. Paul M.

    Interesting route, looks good

  3. Ray Main

    Awesome effort Shane :)

  4. Shane Sody 🌧️

    It was a solo effort for all except about 15km. I coincidentally met the only other Audax rider who was out - Owen from Darwin who was doing the 1,000km course. We had lunch together at Kapunda. He finished about midnight. I was doing the 200k course but had to ride to & from the start at Mt Lofty to make it 250k. Weather was great and plenty of hills which is the way I Iike it....

  5. Patrick ..

    RAAM training 😉

  6. Daniel O'Connor

    You opted for a quick sprigg road finisher? :)

  7. Shane Sody 🌧️

    Patrick NO! Daniel, Sprigg Rd was the starter...

  8. Lorraine C.

    Well done Shane!

  9. Gillian S.

    Great stuff. Love the ling rides with lots of vtrs.

  10. Steven Ellison

    You know you want to Shane Sody 🌧️ ! Don't hold back, commit to it early ;-)

  11. Shane Sody 🌧️

    I will commit to The Furore and the Dirty Dozen. There are traditions to uphold...

  12. Rod A.

    Nice work Shane.

  13. Daniel O'Connor

    Alternative: The Dirty Furore, 5 gravel ways up to lofty, down by roads for expediency?