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Weird riding in the dark again..... argh gels are killing me...any recommendations!!

  • 54.0km
  • 446m
  • 2:00:11
    Moving Time
  • 1,112


  1. Bridget B.

    Have a ripe banana instead? I don’t tend to have gels on rides 50km and under unless I have nothing else to grab

  2. Ofisa 28/3/18 F.

    Ditto with Bridget Baker, I use organic dried 🍌 bananas...

  3. Mel Giles

    How about more than 2hour rides? I do vary bananas, but need a little extra, any ideas?

  4. Ofisa 28/3/18 F.

    Oat bars, or health bars of your choice, try it out and see if it works for you.

  5. Mel Giles

    Thank you will do, good to get ideas, sick of feeling yuk on rides, I use to be all natural foods riding, but recently trying to do gels etc...no good!

  6. Bridget B.

    I really like Em’s bars, you can get a gluten free one that is cranberry flavour and can get them half the size of normal bars. I also have the fooze balls or energy balls. Again no gluten but lots of natural sugars from the dates or whatever they are made with. I get a sore guts from oat filled bars so those are good options for me. I also use the Clif bloks. They are quite tasty and nice to chew on while cruising along.

  7. Mel Giles

    Thanks Bridget...I’ll go on a hunt for the Em bars. Where do you buy them from? I can’t have too many oats either, as being gluten argh. Thank is for advice.

  8. Bridget B.

    I get mine from either Kiwivelo or Rebel Sports but they also have them at BP service stations but they have the bigger bars I think it’s only Kiwivelo I’ve seen the half sized bars