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Nyan Vanderkitten (tnpr)

  • 54.6km
  • 615m
  • 1:55:24
    Moving Time
  • 1,320
  • 43
    Suffer Score


  1. Chris H.
    Chris H.

    Animated gps support needed!

  2. James W.
    James W.

    LOL! Vanderkitten! looks great!. I am conferring with my father, also an illustrator, who says you are "as good at exercising his brain as he is his body".

  3. Chris Phipps

    Messed up a bit on the right ear.

  4. Marcel Appelman

    How the heck did ya do the diagonals?

  5. Chris Phipps

    I ride through people's living rooms! (press stop then start on Garmin & it connects the points)

  6. Alejandro Villarreal

    You're really starting to out-do yourself!

  7. Super F.
    Super F.


  8. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Think Chris must have some Inca or Aztec ancestry to imagine a design from such a high altitude...

  9. Bret Lobree

    Nice work on this one. You could fix the line going thru the R eye by cropping...

  10. Kyle Glerum

    Isn't there a song about "too much time"....?

  11. Chris Phipps

    Kyle, it was a 2 hour ride. If I need to train anyway, may as well make it interesting.

  12. Kyle Glerum

    You don't need to train ;) I wa thinking more about the design time, not te time on the bike. Keep it up. I'm impressed. I've looked for some place down here I could do the something but I haven't found a good canvas.

  13. Matt Ball

    haha, here's Vanderkitten in motion: http://yosemitebandit.github.com/stravanova/maps/nyan/

  14. Chris Phipps

    Matt, that's pretty cool, thanks!
    Kyle - living on a grid pattern makes drawing easier.

  15. Daniel Sarah

    The city is your Etch-A-Sketch. Nice work!

  16. Francisco Perez

    I found this on the internet... Just wanna to know if it was real.