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06/25/2014 work - windy pagemill - work

  • 23.3mi
  • 2,774ft
  • 1:17:28
    Moving Time
  • 1,294


  1. Rob A.

    so effin sick of the wind

  2. Chris Evans

    I have been not going up in the hills as much this year, and now for like the 4th time in a row when I leave 70f in the valley I climb up and it's 50, foggy, and really windy.

  3. Chris Evans

    I wanted a top-10 on the lowkey segment and I swear I lost 30s to the harsh crosswind.

  4. Rob A.

    Oh man only 1 second off a top 10! Next time for sure :)

  5. David K.

    Good work!! Looks like I may have passed you today as I was coming back down Page Mill. Went up half an hour earlier (no where near as fast as you, of course) while it was still sunny, but the fog came back over the top right about the time I got to Skyline a few minutes before 2 PM. Only time I've had a head wind going up that hill!!

  6. Chris Evans

    Yeah, David, bad day for me to decide to try and set a PR. Or maybe good in that I got the PR but still left a lot of time in the wind so I can go back in another month.

  7. Bill Lloyd


  8. Brandon W.

    23 miles 2700+ft, nice ride. I need to cross over the hill and do that segment.