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    Activities in 2019
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Hot n' Sweaty Cotswold Way Recce #1

Run May 20, 2018
  • 21.6km
  • 601m
  • 2:36:09
    Moving Time
  • 7:12/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,933
  • 174
    Relative Effort
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  1. Scotty Slade
    Scotty Slade

    Alright mate,
    What was the terrain/climbing like coming out of Bath? Looking forward to Saturday? I can't wait! Just hoping the temperature drops off a bit!

  2. Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett

    Hi Scotty Slade​ - some roads, fields and then lanes coming out of Bath. A long steep climb to the Racecourse! I am excited but yeah the temperature is going to be a bitch. Check out my other two Recce too

  3. Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett

    Scotty Slade what time do you start?

  4. Scotty Slade
    Scotty Slade

    Nice one, brother! I’ll have a scan through.
    Been trawling insta last few days looking for runners! You’re the first other mad bastard I’ve found 😂

    7am, mate. What about you?

  5. Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett

    Yeah we seem pretty scant, I could only find walkers on Insta. I did post in the UK Ultra Runners Facebook group for tips on dealing with heat and two other CWC runners piped up. They were both starting later, I'm 7am too 👌

  6. Scotty Slade
    Scotty Slade

    You got an idea of what time you wanna do it in? Have you done this distance before?

  7. Scotty Slade
    Scotty Slade

    And yeah man, that heat is gonna drain us! But at least it’s not gonna be anything like Western States yesterday! 42C in the shade in places 👀🤯

  8. Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett

    It's my first 100k, ran my first ultra (50 miles) a couple months ago and raring to go further now! I wrote up my first ultra on my website, check out https://howtohumanbeing.com/how-to-run-50-miles-preparing-for-an-ultramarathon/ in terms of times, really hard to call. A great day might be 13/14hrs, but with heat could be another 2-3hrs on that ... Have you run this distance before? Cool pic with Sage btw! I love his YouTube vids

  9. Dan Bartlett
    Dan Bartlett

    I followed most of Western States on twitter, so happy Jim came through! And yes, fuck that heat!

  10. Scotty Slade
    Scotty Slade

    Ah wicked mate, I’ll give it a read now.

    Yeah, the heat and the hills are going to be a big factor in times.
    I’ve attempted the 100k distance three times, but last year was my only finish (15:07) on the South Coast challenge. Got to 91k in 2013 and 80k in 2016.
    Really stepped up my training since late last year so going to give it a real push this year and see how I get on. I think I’ll have a better idea of how I’m gonna do when I see what state my legs are in when I get to the 3rd hilly leg 😂 Thanks man, it was in Chamonix last year at UTMB. Went to see the elites in action. Unreal demigods! 😂


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