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Chris White (RideFar.info)

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
  • 145
    Activities in 2018
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Ride cut short by tire bead failure - had to take the train home :(

Ride May 20, 2018
  • 21.4km
  • 315m
  • 43:54
    Moving Time
  • 2
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  1. Johan S.
    Johan S.

    Tyre pressure in the lower, yet allowed ranges, for a longer periode of time can cause this type of failure, according to my mechanic.

  2. Amelia L.
    Amelia L.

    Bugger! :(

  3. howard brundrett
  4. Jürgen Knupe
    Jürgen Knupe

    Hi Chris, that's the second time within 2 weeks, that I read about such a failure with the GP4000 .... that worries me a bit ... I never experienced such a problem, and I planned to use them again for TCR#6 .... what size did you use? 25mm?

  5. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    It was a 25mm GP4000. About 6-8 years ago Continental sold a batch that often had this problem; I believe they didn’t do an official recall but if you sent a damaged tire to them then they replaced it. This tire was about one or two years old, but I haven’t used it much and just installed it after rebuilding the wheel this week and it was the first ride since then. I’ll still be using these tires for the TAW, 25mm front and 28 rear with the reflective sidewalls, but I had already planned to carry a spare and now that decision is reinforced.


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