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5x 800m @ 5k pace

  • 2.6mi
  • 15:37
    Moving Time
  • 5:59/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 289


  1. Rokh Reid

    Andy Yu I'm trying to get to a similar workout. What gaps are you having between reps? I stated with 4x800m with 2 mins rest. Will be building up to 6x with nearer 1 min of rest, but don't know yet when to increase the intensity in the workout (as a whole)

  2. Andy Yu

    Good question! Several years ago, I needed around 90 secs of rest/jog between reps, and sometimes this didn't feel enough! Personally, when I feel like I'm in control of the pace and could go faster, that's when I next consider my next move. That could be adding another rep/upping the distance per rep, taking another 5 secs off the rest, or increasing the pace. For myself, I'm going to repeat this exact session once more before moving up to 6x reps with the same rest and pace.

  3. Rokh Reid

    Thanks Andy Yu My first attempt was much faster than my target pace (as I'd based it on a loop that was 800m on Google maps, but nearer 700m in Strava, so had 10s of walking in each 'burst' - lesson learnt on that one). I'll repeat my workout to see where I actually am against target pace. Q2: Once you can run the 6*800m with 90s rests, how close are you to running the 5km at your target pace?

  4. Andy Yu

    All depends on how realistic or optimistic the target is! From vague memory, I worked on sub-20 pace for 6 weeks or so in 2013 before I finally achieved it over 5k. And that was on a flat and fast course.

  5. Rokh Reid

    Thanks again. I'm aiming to get to running 6 sets at 3:45/km with 90s rest. So that I can run 3:55/km for 5km. We'll see how realistic that is late June/early July.