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07/01/2014 Arnprior, ON, Canada, Day 110-Day 41 for me….Clara's Big Ride is over…what an experience...

  • 68.6km
  • 282m
  • 2:34:35
    Moving Time
  • 1,152


  1. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    lets celebrate Canada day….I will miss the North…was so amazing!

  2. Racer G.
    Racer Gibson

    ready to come out of retirement?

  3. Mika G.
    Mika G.

    Well done! Go, team!

  4. Mika G.
    Mika G.

    "Aktiver Ruhestand," ;-)

  5. Arjan H.
    Arjan Hulsebos

    Well, you can always move to the North, Ina...

  6. Jayne D.
    jayne duvall

    happy and sad?!

  7. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Happy and sad....yes that is what I feel and I'm still happily retired. Don't think people get the difference of racing and making a difference. I ride for a cause again but not for a victory anymore. Been there done it and don't want it anymore!

  8. Jeff G.
    Jeff G.

    Congrats Ina! I've enjoyed following your journey. 

  9. Lew P.
    Lew Paquin

    Ina...great job...you are a real inspiration as well....great job on this ride supporting Clara and the great cause of mental health awareness....and sharing your personal story.

  10. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Thanks Jeff and Lew

  11. Paolo S.
    Paolo S.

    Congratulations on helping to bring this message to us.

  12. Michael T.
    Michael Taylor

    Chapeau to you, Clara, Pete and the whole support team!!  Awesome accomplishment for an awesome cause! :)