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What's Up, Bohlman

  • 15.6mi
  • 2,527ft
  • 1:31:52
    Moving Time
  • 766
  • 74
    Suffer Score


  1. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    Nice climbing! I get scared just thinking of those hills;)

  2. Harliv S.
    Harliv S.

    Nice! I'm still working on easier climbs. Hopefully I can join you guys on these climbs eventually! I think I saw you guys on hwy9. We stopped in for coffee on Big Basin after we did Pierce.

  3. Christie R.
    Christie R.

    I had the advantage of not knowing what I'd gotten myself into. It was pretty much horrible and I walked part of it. Now I know why I'm the only chick on Strava so far who's done that route...

  4. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    Christie, if you had the "mountain gearing" like what coach Thomas mentioned you could have easily made it up without walking. On some of those super steep sections it's just a matter of keeping the momentum going, one pedal stroke after another...

  5. Jon D.
    Jon Degenhardt

    Hey Christie - Great job on the climb last night, despite running out of gears on the crux section. It's so continuous for so long, not many climbs are like that.