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08/02/2012 More tt bike position testing.....someday I'll feel good on this thing

  • 21.9mi
  • 814ft
  • 1:09:24
    Moving Time
  • 894


  1. Chris Heerschap

    I wonder how comfortable you'll really be able to get, because that's all about speed. But then again, if you're decidedly uncomfortable, that's bad too.

  2. Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.

    Looks like you're doing awesome so far. Just keep in mind it may take a few fits for it to feel 100%. I had two, probably need a 3rd.

  3. Grumpy Pat

    I shouldn't say comfort, it's more like being able to hold the same power on the tt bike as I do on the road bike and still have a low position. I know you lose a bit of power between the two but I'm losing a lot.

  4. Ted Inoue

    When I was doing a lot of tt'ing, it got better being in full aero position. I was never able to use a power meter to compare though.
    The main thing for me was doing lots of miles on the TT bike. At least a couple of my rides every week were on the bike so that my body adapted to the position. Otherwise, I had tens of thousands of road miles on the normal bike and maybe hundreds on the TT bike, and that was no good.

  5. Kristen (Itsthajawn) F.

    i understand. but i think once you get used to it, you'll be a friggin freight train

  6. Grumpy Pat

    Next year Ted.....I plan to ride the bike at least once a week besides racing it. It sucks riding it because the base bar is so low, I might switch stems this winter to something a little higher, but it will suck as this was th hardest bike I ever built with all the hidden cables and stuff.
    Bob Burke is going to measure my hip angle while on my road bike and try and replicate it on the Trek. Hopefully that helps out. In states I did a pathetic 321 watts, Tuesday night in a break with Mark I did 355 for the same time so something is up.....

  7. Ted Inoue

    That's pretty much what I did when I was "dialing it in." I took photos on both bikes with legs in a couple pedaling positions and adjusted my fit until all the angles were as close as possible. That worked pretty well.

  8. Chris S.

    I lose a ton of power on my TT bike. My hips are twisted which makes my positioning tough and I've been professionally fitted more than once. I've basically given up tt'ing.

  9. patrick kelly

    No you won't, you'll get used to the pain and embrace it!

  10. Chris Heerschap

    321? Wow, maybe time to take up chess? ;-)

    But yeah, that's right, I forgot you've got the power meter to really qualify your efforts. I wish I could help, but fit is more art than completely science and I'm lost there.

  11. The Anvil ♥.

    Zip tie a slice of bacon between your elbow pads. That'll keep you nice and low but still head up so nostrils are directly above bacon smell.