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Lagunitas IPA

  • 30.4km
  • 464m
  • 1:21:02
    Moving Time
  • 597
  • 23
    Suffer Score


  1. Stefan I.
    Stefan I.

    You are the master! Impressive, having done one myself this week, I know feel like a 1st grader.

  2. Michael A.
    Michael A.

    CHRIS!!! That is amazing - not only do I love IPA, and of course that brand, but that is some serious plannig out and riding! KEEP'em coming!! FUN STUFF!! LOVE IT!

  3. Steve G

    I'll take one please!

  4. Chris Phipps

    The only thing that went wrong is that my garmin didn't pick up the top point of the first "A". I think my Garmin was on for less than a second there.

  5. Chris Phipps

    If I had added MLK it would look like beer was sloshing in the bottles.

  6. Jason Milliron

    Oh man, you keep upping your game.

  7. James E.
    James E.

    Lagunitas better send you a case for this work. Nicely done!

  8. Fred Moyer

    This sold at least one six pack of Lagunitas IPA, I went out and got one after seeing this. Good choice!

  9. Carl Nielson

    14.0 mph ave. speed in hill country.... that's some quick drawing, Chris.

  10. Super F.
    Super F.

    Someone needs to start a Tumblr of only this handiwork!

  11. Hans G.
    Hans G.

    My favorite for many reasons

  12. Erle Martin

    dang, now that is impressive

  13. Toby Long


  14. Katie E.
    Katie E.

    i love the new stroke technique you are using for the diagonal lines!

  15. Anders Dahl


  16. Cliff P

    Fantastic artwork!