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US Mountain Running Championships! 6th overall, qualified for Team USA and going to Worlds in Italy with Megan :)

  • 6.6mi
  • 2,943ft
  • 53:37
    Moving Time
  • 8:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,183


  1. Jason Pyles

    HUGE congrats! I was hoping to see you and West Virginia native Andrew Benford both make it. Looks like he came close!

  2. David Roche

    Thanks so much for everything Jason. Your support means so much. Andrew looked amazing! It was an INSANE course, tough to know what separates people on that. Other than Joe Gray, who is the beastliest human on earth.

  3. Lisa Smith

    Congrats to you and Megan! This is so awesome! I'm really happy for you!!!

  4. Stewart Ellis


  5. James M.

    That's awesome! Great work!!!

  6. Matt G.

    Congratulations, that is epic!!!

  7. David Roche

    Thanks so much Lisa! You inspire us! We love your attitude and the type of human being you are.

  8. David Roche

    Thanks a ton Stewart! You're the man!

  9. David Roche

    Really appreciate it James! That is awesome of you.

  10. David Roche

    Matt, you're great. Your support has meant so much over the last year!

  11. Laura F.

    I was hanging on twitter after Megan's results were announced. They wouldn't announce the men's…I was pacing and refreshing my screen. SO HAPPY for you both!!! 

  12. mtnrunner 2

    The couple that qualifies for the United States Mountain Running Team together, stays together

  13. Anto (Team Beurre Tonne)

    Fantastic run David. Awesome :)

  14. Scott Lynch

    Made the national team! Well done, David!

  15. Ross K.

    Nice run, congratulations on making the team!! (And more importantly stealing my course records from 2012!)

  16. Hendrik Auf'mkolk

    Congrats David! Awesome accomplishment!