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Border Track and Currumbin Valley

  • 44.8km
  • 919m
  • 3:36:24
    Moving Time
  • 2,108


  1. Adam L.

    Bit of climbing, good effort 👍

  2. Davey C.

    Good one Neil. Did you turn around because you couldn't go further or was it a time thing? I wouldn't mind checking it out as far as can be ridden. Cheers.

  3. Neil Ennis

    Adam, thanks :)

  4. Neil Ennis

    Dave, You can follow the track much further. We dropped down Bains Road because (1) we wanted to get back in time for lunch and (2) we wanted to see the Rockpool and Cascades. You don't see them if you stay on the Border track.

  5. Neil Ennis

    Dave - the Border Track at Rathdowney is better but tougher. Do you want to do that one with us some time?

  6. Davey C.

    Yes please, that would be great Neil.

  7. Adam L.

    I hope I can make the next one :)